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Strategy: A waste of time? Sometimes.....

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We always insist on people having a Marketing Strategy. Mainly because it gives a focus on the key messaging that we need to go out with.

But there are times when I don't recommend it......

When is a full marketing strategy not appropriate?

Well you could argue it's always appropriate.

However, the detail of research that I do isn't right for everyone. And certainly not if you are in the early stages of your business.

The early stages tend to be about understanding what the business is about.

Who are you going to target?

What is your product?

How you deliver it.

Trust me, I have enough experience to know that this shifts all the time.

You tend to be far less discerning when you first start out, ultimately taking on most people because you need the income.

Give it 3-4 years, and established growth and then I would recommend a full marketing strategy.

By then - you'll have enough clients for us to do interviews - you'll be confident in what you are delivering - you'll have had enough bad customers to realise who you definitely don't want to serve

But actually, you'll also:

- be struggling much more with time to do it yourself

- have more staff and therefore need a 'positioning' to get everyone behind, so they understand the values of the company

- need some support to make sure that the marketing you are doing is going to meet your business objectives for growth.

Then, it makes sense. And then it's worth investing.

Having said that, if you're not sure, do get in touch because we can have that conversation and steer you in the right direction. If we can't help, we usually know someone who can. And it's all about helping out isn't it.


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