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GDPR - An excuse for a database clear out!

The snow has disappeared, so hopefully it means spring is finally here and for many it heralds one thing, an excuse for a Spring Clean.

May 25th is fast approaching, and so the deadline for compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation.

One of the requirements under GDPR is that where you have consent as your legal basis for contacting your database, it will have to record

  • The fact that consent has been given to market to and profile each individual

  • When that consent was given

  • What wording was used for that consent

Each record also needs to include details of any opt-outs that that customer may also have given e.g I objected to Direct Marketing by (XXX channel e.g. email); I said stop Direct Mail Profiling me.

What does this mean? You need to make sure that there is proof that you can communicate with them legitimately. For example, those people who’s names you got through a Prize Draw but didn’t ask for a specific marketing permission, you can no longer contact them.

So, it’s time for a review – who do you have permissions for, and what permission do you have? What wording did you use? Who do you need to re-contact in order to get their permission to send communications to?

Whilst you’re reviewing the above, why not also think about whether some the data you have is still worth marketing to. Those customers who have been on your database for over X years, and haven’t purchased anything since, is it worth having them?

I understand, it’s scary potentially losing all that ‘valuable’ data. However, remember, it’s quality not quantity when it comes to Customer Marketing. Those who have actively opted in, will be much more engaged and therefore can only have a positive impact on your marketing and the response to your brand. So ultimately it can only be good thing.

To find out more about GDPR, sign up to one of my GDPR Made Easy courses.

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