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Social Media: A young person's domaine??

"I'm going to employ someone young to do my social media" This is something I hear regularly from both

clients and prospects.

And it drives me mad!

1) It's not just young people who know social media and more importantly......

2) Knowing social media is not the same as knowing social media marketing!

Building brand awareness & getting people to buy from your social media is very different from just putting up pretty posts.

It's about understanding who your target audience is, appealing to them and then getting them to do something - be it going to your website, entering a competition, giving you their email address.

If you need to appeal to 50 year olds, then Tik Tok where most 'young' hang out nowadays is going to be next to useless.

So can I make a recommendation.

If you're serious about social media as a marketing channel, and particularly if you need sales.

Employ a specialist to help you.

Someone who understands how to make the most of your social media, both organic & paid. And when you brief them, give them the breathing space to do what they're good at.

Tell them:

- who the target audience is

- what objectives they need to meet

And then let them do the heavy lifting.

It will pay dividends.

I promise.


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