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And breath....... Lessons in brand building

Earlier in the year we started working with a new client, tasked with creating their marketing strategy.

We spent substantial time looking at how the company had evolved, speaking to past customers to understand the company’s reputation – where they excelled and any areas for improvement.

We also explored, in detail, the current market in which they were operating and evaluated all this information against their aspirations to arrive at the right marketing strategy we believed could take them there.

The need to split the business: Luxury vs Functional

With aspirations to grow the brand to be the Rolex of their industry, and two areas for manufacture one handmade in the UK and one machine made in Lithuania, one thing became abundantly clear early on.

The company needed to separate its operations to allow the growth of the ‘luxury’ side of the business.

This initial recommendation taken up and we continued to give focus as to how we could achieve the Rolex status with the handmade side of the business. Our attention was drawn to the brand.

Brand is the beating heart of all businesses.

It gives identity and communicates personality. A strong brand will achieve standout, and it will earn the space in the minds of a company’s targeted audience.

With Rolex as the esteemed brand it was important to highlight to our client that traditional luxury brands aren’t built over night.

As with the product they offer, they are an evolution. They have a history. And they occupy their space within their marketplace with confidence.

The brand built by our client to date was certainly on the right track.

Their product was premium, customers appreciated the quality and the longer timeframes and price tag that was associated with this, and they were beginning to give a lot of thought to the overall customer experience.

But there were elements where the brand required strengthening; visually and experientially.

The importance of simplicity

Working with a brand creative we began by simplifying the company name, removing the reference of the product. Afterall it’s Rolex not Rolex Watches.

Rolex know who they are. They don’t need to spell it out. Neither should our clients. This was the first step in owning their space within the marketplace.

Next, we began to look at how we could strengthen the brand form a visual point of view. The company has a rich and interesting history behind it and one we wanted to bring into their visual representation.

Whilst it’s fair to say that the development of their logo, typography, brand colours and tone of voice was ‘a journey’ we arrived at a refreshed design that worked much harder in communicating the premium nature and the story of the brand.

These new brand elements were packaged up and a corporate identity guide created.

Letting your brand breath

But design alone will never shift how you are perceived by existing and potential customers. You need to get it out there. You need the brand to breathe. You need to turn it up to eleven.

To achieve this long term we looked at the overall customer journey and made recommendations as to how this could be improved and enhanced.

And for the short term, for the quick win, the ignition to getting this new brand up and running; a Christmas campaign delivered through their social media channels.

Led by their new tone of voice (bespoke / luxury / quality / traditional) the campaign tells the story of Christmas in a house that features our clients’ products.

The copy was to be complimented by stunning imagery of the property – bringing to life their product over a series of posts, a verse per post, enacting as a countdown to Christmas.

With the brand refresh and marketing strategy complete we concluded our time with the client. We’re proud to see that the new brand is being rolled out with updates to the website and their social media channels.

But brand isn’t just a logo.

It needs to breathe through your company’s communications, actions and engagement.

Only by doing this can you expect to become the Rolex of your marketplace.

We’ve no doubt that this company will excel and do exactly that. But we also wanted to celebrate a simple campaign that was created to kick start this, so allow us to indulge a little in our own creativity:

The temperature has dropped,

And Christmas time is near.

Join us in our countdown,

To spread some festive cheer.

The house is warm and cosy,

The days are short and bright,

And through the long sash window,

We await the starry night.

Christmas is fast approaching,

It’s time to put up the tree,

If you were granted just one wish,

What could it possibly be?

The Christmas tree is finished,

Next to light the fire,

And leave the shutters open,

For passers to admire.

With a fire blazing brightly,

There’s presents to be bought,

So, open up the laptop,

And try not to get caught.

Presents delivered, wrapping done,

The tasks are all complete.

The house is ready for Christmas,

The feeling oh so sweet.

Home is where the heart is,

Soon loved ones gather round,

To share in songs and games and tales,

Laughter, the Christmas sound.

Your home has seen many a Christmas,

And traditions throughout the years,

So, pour another glass of wine,

Add yours to the festive cheer.

Another year draws to an end,

Time’s rolling on at pace.

And throughout the many seasons,

This house has stood with grace.

Knock, knock, knock,

Let the Christmas night begin,

Open wide the blue front door,

To hear the carollers sing.

The table’s set, the stocking’s hung,

Everything’s prepared,

Just one magic sleep to go,

Until the joy is shared.

Christmas morn has broken,

Joy and laughter reign the day.

So, whilst the turkey’s cooking,

There’s just one thing say.

From all at client’s name,

We send our festive cheer.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

And a prosperous New Year.


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