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Who are you talking to? 6 Questions to ask yourself

Who is your super customer? Who is that person who will buy from you, buy again and then talk excitedly about how amazing your product is?

It’s such an important thing to understand, most particularly because the reality is that as a small business owner you only have limited time, money and energy when it comes to most things and marketing is no different.

So try and answer these 6 questions to get a full picture:

Questions to ask about your customers


This is the demographic side of the equation. They’re the easy to find facts about your customer. They put them into a category.

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Job

  • Income

  • Family situation

  • etc


This is all about understanding why they choose you over others. Does it solve a very specific need they have? Is it easy to purchase because it’s available online? Does it just make things easier? You might assume that someone buys your product because they need it, when the reality is that they buy it because their friend does & they want to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’

  • Why do they buy your product?

  • Why are they interested in your service?


Here you can think about the practical side, but also think about the emotional side of your customer. Your product is just one of many purchases they make over the day/ week/ month/ year. They might have lots of worries, but your product helps them to answer that worry.

  • What do they buy? Inc. who from – you may not be the only seller. Realise that you are not the only person selling your product. What do they buy from other sellers? Why do they buy it from them and not you?

  • What do they worry about? Have they got kids that they are juggling, alongside a full time job, keeping up with housework and dealing with a husband who works away. This really helps you to understand their psyche.


This is a really important question for you to understand the channels of marketing that you should focus on. The reality is that if leaflets are the key way they find out about you, then perhaps you need to think about focusing your marketing efforts on this rather than social media.

Similarly if they buy your product in a shop and that’s the only place they will go, is it worth setting up an online store?

  • Where do they find out about you – word of mouth/ online/ leaflets

  • Where did they purchase your product from


Think about time of year, week, month, day, but also think about what else is influencing the decisions? Are they buying when the product is on promotion for example?

  • When do they buy your product?

  • When do they buy your competitors product?


And the last question and an important one in understanding where you fit in within the overall picture of their lives.

  • How do they spend their time?

  • How do they spend their money overall?

These questions help you build a picture in your mind of who you are talking to and will really help you focus your marketing on the important people – those who actually buy your products.

And how do you find out this information?

  • Start with your customer base: look at purchase patterns, talk to them, send out a survey. They give a really good picture

  • Google it!! You’d be amazed what is out there if you look

Good luck in understanding your audience. If you need any help, get in touch –

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