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Your Marketing Department is all about setting businesses off on the next leg of their journey to success.

It's about putting the foundations in place that will last for years to come.  Taking businesses that are at the tipping point, wanting to grow and scale to that next level.  Creating a pro-active strategy built on the right customers, and then constructing and delivering a plan that will take the business forward.


We pride ourselves on really getting to know your business, being thought of as part of the team, and doing the best work we can for you.


We understand and consider all areas of marketing, but have the courage to tell you when we feel something is not going to gain you the advantage you want.  

Powered by Military Spouses, we have a resilience that many lack, and an empathy to ensure we consider your challenges as our own.

We can't wait to start work with you!


Our Team

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Sophie Davies

Our all round marketing brain.

Loves sailing, being outdoors and musicals.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Spouse

Rebecca Peak.jfif

Rebecca Peak

Our offline marketing guru.

Loves being on stage, running and musicals

Royal Air Force Spouse


Hana McCauley

Our social media whizz kid.

Loves refurbishing antique furniture and musicals.

Army Spouse

We are an armed forces friendly organisation

Our focus is principally on the support of military spouses.  Helping them to be able to continue their careers, despite the challenges of postings around the UK and the world.

As such we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and have been awarded the Bronze Employer Recognition Scheme Award. 

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Who we've worked with

Our Architectural & Exteriors Clients

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Our Service Clients

Streamlion B&W
Leadenhall B&W

Our Consumer Goods Clients

Saracen B&W
Nourish London

Our Public Sector Clients

TransWilts B&W

Our marketing was reactive and scattergun.  We weren't representing ourselves well - nobody knew who we were because we had no strategy to tell them.  I was constantly figuring out how do things.  Marketing was stealing time from me and I wasn't even doing it well.

From the very first meeting, the way YMD talked about strategy and the planning rigour she would bring to the business gave me a real sense of calm and clarity.  The strategic input is brilliant and helps me feel I have a real businesss.  They really understand where we are trying to go. 

YMD helped me take a bigger leap than I could alone.  I've wasted so much time, energy and effort on marketing in the past.  There is such calmness in realising that someone now has your back.



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